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A bright firmament in the galaxy of guitar players

In 1983, Richard received his Bachelors of Arts from the Mannes College of Music. He began his educational career by teaching guitar at The Dwight Englewood School, as well as directing the D-E Guitar Ensemble. In 1985, he made his debut at New York's Cami Hall. The Staten Island Advance admired his talent, calling him "a real find". Since then he has released two CDs, appeared on CTV, and performed with other well-known guitarists.


His CDs were published by Collective Recording Label. His solo CD called "Guitar Hour" was well-received, and said he was "destined to be a bright firmament in the galaxy of guitar players." He released a duo CD with Bill Crow on bass called "Sunday Session". Cadence Jazz Magazine hailed him as a "Master Musician."

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 •  Youtube: Richard and Fred Crisson perform "Feathermoon"

 •  Youtube: Richard and Fred Crisson perform "Cherokee"

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